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Gulf Wars recap

I had the best time at Gulf Wars this year, and I hope to be able to go back again sometime soon...like next year if possible. (Actually, I am ready to go back right about...NOW! hehe) While the drive was LONG, the 3 days on the road were definitely worth it. I did not get the chance this year to get to a single class like I expected, but instead did quite a bit of retaining for TRM Northshield - which was a treat all in itself. It was a lot of fun getting to know them better, along with getting to know the other 12 residents of Northshield's Royalty Cabin.

This was my first war, and I wasn't disappointed by anything: the merchants were plentiful and had great wares, the banners and pageantry were top notch, the battles were fierce and LARGE... And to top it all off, all the good gentles I met were nice and friendly. Who could ask for anything more?! I really enjoyed getting to see things that we don't do here in Northshield - like Falconry & Coursing.

The Green Dragon Inn was awesome as well. The minstrals/bards they attracted from all over the Known World were a joy to listen to, including NS's own Don Mateo. It was the first time I have really had the chance to listen to him live, and he blew me away. Great stuff there. I need to get his CD...

I also enjoyed carrying the Kingdom banner in the Open Ceremonies, even though I was looking forward to seeing it from the sidelines. I still got to see it all...just from a bit different perspective. *grin* I even took part in Great Court by heralding TRMs into Court. I was sorry not to have more then 10 minutes warning, but the straight-forward, no-frills boast worked - it just wasn't as "cool" as some of the other ones. I am okay with that - especially since voice/court heraldry really isn't my thing...yet. This was my second event in a row that required my voice heraldry "skills", so maybe the fates have something in mind for me in this vein yet. We'll have to see what shakes out there I guess.

I know this is a very brief recap of a FULL week, but it's good for now. :) I should have pictures posted very soon.
OK... This is one of the coolest houses ever!! Just think of the house parties you could have if you lived in a cave, esp one with an 80 x 80 party room!? I wish I had an extra $300,000 laying around so I could buy this 15,000 square foot house built into the front of a limestone cliff... There are great pictures under the main image to see, and make sure you page down and take a look at the short video on the bottom - looks like it was aired just this morning!


Thing 23 - Video edited & uploaded

For today's thing, I am showing off a video I created & edited for work. I am responsible for a video podcast series called SELCOtv, & I wrote the questions for an interview with one of my co-workers about a group PC purchase we did last month, interviewed Mike, uploaded the video to the computer, edited the footage by taking off the unneeded bits and rendered & uploaded it. Feel free to view it here.

Things 20 - 22; baked goods

No pictures for these...sorry!!

Thing 20 - Almond Tart
This is what I'm going to be making for NS Coronation's feast A&S competition. A couple dry runs are good things!! I got the recipe from Traveling Dysshes by Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke & Cordelia Toser (thanks for the book ladies!!). I used the redaction by Cordelia, but I will need to work on out for myself for the competition. Here is the original recipe:

Blanch almonds & beat them , & strain them fine with good thicke Creame. Then put in Sugar & Rosewater, and boyle it thicke. Then make your paste with butter, fair water, & the yolks of 2 or 3 Egs and so soone as ye have driven your paste, cast on a little fine sugar, and rosewater, and harden your paste afore in the oven. Then take it out, & fill it, & set it in againe, & let it bake til it be wel, & so serve it.

The only thing I didn't have (and couldn't find at my local grocery store) was rosewater, but I will make a point of getting some for the next go. I took this to Lupercalia this weekend, and subjected my innocent friends to try it - to positive reviews! So looking forward to coming up with my own redaction.

Thing 21 - Focaccia bread
At Lupercalia, I took a basic breadmaking class (since it never hurts to have a simple recipe!) and made 2 loafs of herbed focaccia bread. Very fun and easy to do! We didn't use a set recipe, but just did things by "feel". I never really did this much before so I was happy to get a bit of guidance by the class's teacher. It turned out really nicely, and it was great to have fresh, warm bread at an event.

Thing 22 - Breadsticks
I made breadsticks to build on the bread class from Saturday. Used the same recipe as the class, but brushed on a bit of olive oil mixed with garlic powder. Yummy right from the oven, but a bit hard and crunchy the next day. They went great with spaghetti though!

Thing #19 - Origami candy dish

I decided to do some more origami for today's thing. Ya never know when knowing how to fold paper might come in handy after all! And after all...what else can I do with old daily calendar sheets? :)

Pattern can be found here.

Thing a day - Days 15-18

Why do I always get sidetracked and stopped from posting? Catching up again...

Thing 15 - Beaded necklace Saw the central bead at Hobby Lobby and had to make a necklace around it!

Thing 16 -Glass & wood bead necklace Got out more beads Monday and made this pretty necklace.

Thing 17 - Worked on Trim I did not do any one thing today, but instead spent my time dedicated to this project on the trim I finished weaving tonight. Spent about 45 minutes on it.

Thing 18 - Finished the trim I got warped on Saturday. It's really pretty...if I do say so myself.

Thing-a-day recap

I was sick this week, which made me downsize some of my things this week and also caused them to be posted late. Here are things 11-14...

Thing 11-CDs organized
My husband and I have over 500 music CDs, and we have them organized in alphabetical order in a drawer filing system. Today I added newer purchases and interfiled them. No picture, but pretty proud of getting this done & updated!

Thing 12 - Fingerloop braid
I used 2 strands of crochet cotton for the first time to make a braided cord with 5 bowes. Otheriwise, it's just a simple braid. Not sure what I'll do with this, but it's an interesting cord.

Thing 13 - Hotpad
Knitted a hotpad with 2 different yarns. Only thing left is to weave the tails in. The local Meals on Wheels was doing a hotpad drive before Christmas which gave me this idea. I need to see if they are still looking for more...

Thing 14 - Loop warped
I have the same loom warped that I used to create the black belt as an earlier Thing. I have rewarped it today to make trim for the viking garb I am working on for Spring Crown in May. I got it started as well, so you can see the checkerboard pattern I am doing for this weaving.

Sharing this from the LJ sca community

The original post:
Last fall a camera crew from the local PBS station came to an event in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands to film a story about the SCA. The resulting story is now available online at WQED's website.

It's pretty good as such things go. Kudos to our Baron and Baroness, and AEthelmearc's Queen, for being articulate and impressive interview subjects.


More memories...

(taken from Facebook...& gretaorgayle )
Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Don't send me a message. Leave a comment on here. Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you!


Thing #10 - Pause for Paws

Inspired by other scanner art...and this week's footnotes theme. :) My poor cat George will never forgive me. Oh, wait a minute, he already has.